Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Spanish Bombs tour 11/2006

There was just an amazing self destructive and unflinching yet smart attitude about Spanish Bombs that made them so brilliant. Well, maybe not the smartest, but it was adventurous and pure. Here are some pictures from their last US tour from 3 years ago.

Playing in an alley between some rubble buildings in Tijuana. The kids were def. excited for a new American band that they had never heard before but I think most of them were just wondering why they didn't sound like madball. The ride back to cali was fun with 4 out of 6 people throwing up because of some sort of over the counter Mexican self medication.

With Austin, TX finest; Leslie.

This was one of the best shows ever. Modern Life Is War was on tour with converge adn had an off day in Pittsburgh when SB was going to be playing a house show in Morgantown, West Virginia. The show was at this dude Lintball's house, which was by far the crazies living situation I have ever encountered. It was in an empty living room on the 2nd floor apt. above a bar. Jeff "accidentally" kicked out a window during the set which landed on a passing car smashing their window. The cops came and just told everybody to keep it down. Nick bock is showing off his Dumbo tattoo which he acquired earlier that day. In the background is this crazy guy whose name I forget, but he was like 35, sprained his ankle at the show and then got mugged outside the house.

Driving through the night in the SB van: Auschwitz.